About my work

Through my research and work, I explore themes of social order transformation, paradigm shift and power dynamics. My practice is transdisciplinary and my works take the form of installations, paintings, readings and participatory projects.  I try to create works that give concrete, tangible form to speculative visions that often emerge instinctively after long periods of research. I articulate these visions with as rigorous a systemic specificity as possible, while deploying a visual language that is often atmospheric and enveloping.

My works often combine structural elements, such as diagrams, texts, architectural representations or geometric abstractions, with affective elements, such as gradients, colored light, a progressive shift from one thing to another. I try to create works that offer contemplative experiences, often imbued with language. I'm interested in the possibility of slowing down time, of providing a multidimensional space where complex ideas - from political polarization to the ethics of AI-human relations to post-capitalism - can be explored through the softness of a perceptual experience.

About “being in the world”

Like many, I strongly believe that the times we live in, dominated by an exploitative, growth-based  and profit-oriented economic paradigm, call for an existential reassessment of where humanity as a whole is going. This feels at once urgent, abstract and impossible. Most of the concrete things we can do — voting, writing letters and petitions, changing our consumption habits, etc. — seem irrelevant in the face of the structural nature of the problem. Well, organizing helps. Protests are necessary. But language itself seems too indebted to economics to adequately formulate the questions we must address. If we want to reconsider the very idea of how things are organized on the most primary level, then what building blocks, what units, what metrics can we use that are not already the design of the existing organization? What are the poetics of change when it comes to structures, systems and economics?

I try to make works that translate at least some of these questions into something tangible. About half of my works are paintings and drawings, which addres these issues without actually changing anything. The other half of my practice are projects that are conceived as dynamic components designed to interfere with the larger ideological, economic, or technological structures in which we live. These projects often function as interactive mechanisms, such as economic systems (Vertically Integrated Socialism, 2015; The Time of the Work, 2016), focus groups (Built-In, 2019), surveys and data visualization (, 2019-2022) or a human embodiment of a grand language model (Les voix, 2023).