Nicolas Grenier / Perspectives, 2018


2018. OIL AND ACRYLIC ON CANVAS AND FRAME, 63" X 63" X 3" (160 x 160 X 8CM)


"Okay, okay," I could have told him, if our summer of exchanges had been compressed into a short script, "don't get so angry at them, they're just caught up in a perspective that's so different from yours, they don't see the harm that they're doing." / "No," the young man might have replied, "It's not about perspective, it's about color, and it's about blood. / There's nothing to be done with any of them."

Whatever the words he actually spoke that summer, it took me a while to let them sink in. / They've remained in me since then, crystalized into a tiny stone in my gut. / Later I understood that the young man had become stone himself. It had happened, in fact, long before I met him, long before he was even born, generations and generations ago.